Business Owners Can Choose Their Natural Gas Company.

Business owners are a bit confused about how selecting a different natural gas supplier works. But it is not complicated.

Your utility, such as any public service provider, is the utility – the natural gas company that owns the infrastructure that delivers the gas to your place of business. But you can choose a different natural gas supplier, such as Natural Gas of Florida, to supply that gas to the utility.

When you switch to Natural Gas of Florida, the utility will remain responsible for delivering the gas, and they will remain the point of contact for matters like leaks and outages. You will receive one bill from the utility for delivery services, and a separate bill from Natural Gas of Florida for supplying the natural gas. Two separate bills, but you will pay a fixed rate for your natural gas.

The price of natural gas remained far above average in the US, driving an energy crunch that has raised fears of looming winter blackouts, forced electricity retailers to beg for taxpayer bailouts, and stuck business owners with unusually high bills. The basic reason for the global price spike is a shortfall in inventory just as temperatures begin to dip (gas is the main fuel for home heating in the US and Europe) but also Natural gas is one of several commodities affected by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. Gas stockpiles in the US are at least 7% below average in Europe they are more than 20% below average. At Natural Gas of Florida, we are committed to keeping the rates competitive with the actual market giving all business owners the best and lowest rate.

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