You are likely Overpaying with your current Natural Gas Company.

Natural Gas is not monopolized anymore in Florida. There is no such a thing as a customer being subject to purchase Natural gas for their business from a single option, a big utility company. Beginning in 2000, any business can select which company to purchase their natural gas from. No business will be obligated to buy from a single supplier, the big utility company. This situation gives rise to an open industry, as many suppliers are capable to provide natural gas and create a competitive marketplace.

Business owners became empowered by the capitalization of their supply leading to more savings for the user, and diversifications of programs and benefits.

Florida’s Business owners have a choice on their hands,but perhaps there is not enough information available to help the users select their best offer. The “big utility company” takes advantage of the lack of awareness about the industry options and due to the enormous amount of resources that this company has available, they spend millions on marketing campaigns to cover all small suppliers from reaching new customers.

Natural Gas of Florida was founded to make a pause on the market’s current situation and go against it, giving our customers the lowest competitive rate in the marketplace. Our customer base includes facilities such as national retail chains, restaurants, manufacturers, hospitals, hotels, and more.

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